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Tiffen Filters

Tiffen Aperture 4 Filter Kit for DJI Inspire 2 - X7, X5S, X5 and DJI Inspire 3

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  • Tiffen Sky 1-A (Haze Reduction)
  • Tiffen Circular Polarizer
  • Tiffen NATural ND .9 (3 Stop) – ND8
  • Tiffen NATural ND 1.5 (5 Stop) – ND32

The Inspire 2 “Aperture Kit” is the perfect all around kit for the aerial photographer/cinematographer. Created in collaboration with the Tiffen Flight Team, the Aperture Kit contains 4 filters that are a critical part of aerial image-making. The Sky 1-A is a high altitude protective filter that helps block UV while also adding a nice warmth to the image. The Circular Polarizer is perfect for removing glare off of metallic surfaces such as water or glass, as well as adding a pop of contrast to those partly cloudy days. Also included are two NATural ND Filters (.9 – 3 stop and 1.5 – 5 stop), which is the latest advancement in Neutral Density technology from Tiffen. The NATural ND was designed for Motion Picture and Television camera sensors and works flawlessly with the Zenmuse sensor.

  • For Zenmuse X7/X5S/X5R & X5 Cameras
  • DJI Inspire 2 Drone Filter Kit
  • DJI Inspire 3 with the 24mm, 35mm and 50mm F2.8 LS ASPH
  • Sky 1-A Haze Reduction Filter
  • Rotating, Circular Polarizer Filter
  • NATural ND 0.9 (ND8) 3-Stop Filter
  • NATural ND 1.5 (ND32) 5-Stop Filter
  • 46mm Diameter Filters
  • Threaded Front & Back

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