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Tota LED Production Kit

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The Lowel Tota LED 3-Light Production Kit includes:
  • 3x Tota LED
  • 3x V-mount battery plates, power supplies and US cords
  • 1x Silver Tota-brella
  • 1x White Tota-brella
  • 3x Uni-to-dual light stands
  • Custom soft case.

The Lowel Tota LED 3-Light Production Kit includes 3x Tota LED with V-mount battery plates, power supplies and US cords, 1x Silver Tota-brella, 1x White Tota-brella, 3x Uni-to light stands, and a custom soft case.

The Tota LED floodlight features 160 daylight (5600K) daylight LEDs with the equivalent light output of 750W tungsten fixture. Each light in the kit features rugged all metal construction with a large passive heatsink, 100° flood beam angle, and 100-0% flicker free dimming.

The included Uni-to 4-riser light stands extend to a maximum height of 95" and weigh only 2.6 lbs. each. Also included are two 27” Lowel Tota-brellas, (one silver and one white) for fast yet flattering light modification. Both the silver and white Tota-brellas can be used as reflectors to achieve soft shadows, and the white tota-brella can also be used as a direct diffuser. Everything fits into one potable soft case, complete with 4 internal dividers, zippered accessory compartment, and padded shoulder strap.

What's Included ?

  • 3 x TOTALED Lights
  • 3 x UN-55DUB Light stands
  • 1 x T1-25 Silver umbrella
  • 1 x T1-26 White umbrella
  • 1 x 3LIGHTCASE Softcase