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Wide Angle 812 Warming Filter

Wide Angle 812 Warming Filter

$ 34.99 USD

  • SKU: 58WID812

Ideal for portraiture, the 812 Warming Wide-Angle Filter from Tiffen is used to improve skin tones when working in cool lighting conditions. This filter offers a greater warming effect than a skylight 1-A filter and is well-suited for use outdoors on overcast days or on sunny days when working in open shade. It can also be used to absorb the strong blue cast of an electronic flash for more balanced, lifelike skin tones.

The filter is constructed using Tiffen's ColorCore technology, which involves lamenting the filter material between two pieces of optical glass, grounding flat to a tolerance of 1/10,000th of an inch, and mounting within an aluminum alloy ring. The Wide-Angle version of this filter has a thinner, low-profile design compared to the standard version and omits the front filter threads in order to lessen the likelihood of vignetting when used with wide-angle lenses.

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