Steadicam Volt™ System ; a tool that provides Steadicam operators with horizontal stabilization, giving them the ability to easily transition between fully manual and auto assist modes. Weighing only two pounds, the Volt System seamlessly integrates into an existing sled, providing greater opportunity for content creation without jeopardizing stability.

The Steadicam M1-Volt Evolution continues with the addition of Steadicam Volt -Powered Gimbal upgrades for the Steadicam Archer2, Shadow and Shadow-V, as well as Steadicam Ultra2 and Clipper3 models. Volt for the GPI Pro systems will soon be available as well for both the Pro and Cine-Live models and can be purchased as a retrofit for the GPI Pro gimbal, or as a complete system with a M1-type gimbal for 1.5” post. The two pound Volt system is unique  in that it mounts directly to the gimbal, therefore adding no weight or height to the stage or base.  Garrett Brown, Inventor of the Steadicam said “This is the most significant advancement in operating since the invention of the Steadicam over 40 years ago”.

  • Keeps sled in neutral balance: stays level when starting, stopping and cornering
  • Operators can switch from full Volt auto assist mode to conventional operation with a push of a button
  • No balancing required
  • No operating compromises
  • Provides exact desired framing
  • Fast and responsive
  • Maintains level horizon
  • Holds tilt angle




From Steadicam Inventor Garrett Brown and Chris Fawcett
Video courtesy: Stabilizer News

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